Supporting Children and Family Urban Movement

CFUM is a movement designed to reveal to children, youth, and families their value and worth, their unique spirit sacred and revered—fostering a deep belief in themselves and the life we share. That is no easy saunter in the midst of the very real stresses of poverty that afflict too many working families. But when CFUM succeeds the hope so deep within us no one has to tell us how to spell it thrives. The result is changed lives, a changed neighborhood, change within and around us for the good of all. Please join our movement with your financial contributions.

 By the Numbers

Children & Youth
Children, Youth & Neighbors
Meals Served

benefited from CFUM out of school programs (42 for multiple years)

benefited from CFUM out of school programs (72 for multiple years)

served throughout the year, a total of 115,960 contact hours


gave 16,078 hours of service

An Invitation to Donate to Workplace Giving

Many workplace campaigns take place in the fall.  The campaigns that benefit CFUM are the United Way of Central Iowa campaign for the employees of many, many businesses (United Way Des Moines), the Combined Federal Campaign for employees of the federal government (Northern Lights Combined Federal Campaign – CFUM is charity #64343), and the One Gift Campaign for employees of the state (CFUM is agency 7672). As you plan your workplace giving through the year, please remember the benefit such giving can be to the community. If you have questions about the benefit of workplace giving to CFUM, please contact Linda Danielson at [email protected] or 515.282.3242.

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