Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, talent and love of community.

DJ King

Interim Executive Directordj@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

King brings 15+ years of experience in the nonprofit arena, specializing in the operational, financial and legal needs of nonprofit organizations.

Amy Tagliareni

Director of Development and Communicationsamy@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Darlena McElroy

Office Administratordarlena@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Sabrina Ollie

Site Director and Program Coordinatorsabrina@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Jacob Nastruz

Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinatorjacob@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Brock Rustin

Breakfast Club Coordinator and Lead Youth Development Specialistbrock@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Cheryl Thomas

Breakfast Club Manager and Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242

Jeree Thomas

Breakfast Club and Supper Club Coordinator515-282-3242

Vanessa Shade-Long

Supper Club Assistant515-282-3242

Doreen Johnson

Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242

Emily Mockenhaupt

Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242