Our staff powers our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without their energy, dedication, talent and love of community.

Amy Tagliareni

Director of Development and Communicationsamy@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Courtney Rife

Director of Educationcourtney@cfum.org(515) 282-4945

Sabrina Ollie

Site Director and Program Coordinatorsabrina@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Jacob Nastruz

Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinatorjacob@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Brock Rustin

Breakfast Club Coordinator and Lead Youth Development Specialistbrock@cfum.org(515) 282-3242

Cheryl Thomas

Breakfast Club Manager and Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242

Doreen Johnson

Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242

Emily Mockenhaupt

Youth Development Specialist515-282-3242