Capital Campaign

Children and Family Urban Movement will embark on a new chapter in our history through the construction of a new multi-use facility.

Why Now?

As humble servants to our neighborhoods, CFUM’s zero-cost programming was met with waiting lists and demands for expansion. CFUM serves 225 students in three different locations. Rented space and borrowed classrooms helped meet this bourgeoning need, but now is the time to unify our children and our programs under one roof for the good of our students and families.

We Need Your Help

As we journey along this project, we believe the building will be a symbol of CFUM’s historic commitment to the neighborhood surrounding Ninth Street and College Avenue will allow CFUM to deliver all our programs under one new roof in a new 20,000-square foot building and maintain a sight line to Moulton Elementary School as children migrate to and from our facility.

We need your help to move to the next chapter for our children and their families.

Your gift most certainly makes the vision of new and supplied classrooms, healthy and consistent meals, mentoring and learning growth all happen.

Please join our mission and join us for our Groundbreaking Celebration! It will be an exciting day for our children and the neighborhood as mark this groundbreaking event on May 31st from 4-6 p.m. on the grounds at Ninth Street and College Avenue!

We want you alongside of us as we work toward this amazing goal! Stay tuned as we continue to update the progress on this page.

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