Cost of Assisted Living in Des Moines, Iowa

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Table of Contents The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Des Moines  How much does Assisted Living Cost in Des Moines?  How much does Home Care Cost in Des Moines?  How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Des … Read More

CFUM Newsletter Vol. 2 2020

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April 8, 2020 CFUM NEWS Updates on the state of CFUM, our programs, our partners, and our community. Look out for our weekly e-newsletter. It will be sent out every Wednesday. Letter from Tony We are stronger together. A simple saying that … Read More

CFUM Newsletter Vol. 1 2020

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April 1, 2020 CFUM News Updates on the state of CFUM, our programs, our partners, and our community. For current updates follow us on social media @CFUM_DSM Letter from Tony On behalf of CFUM, I would like to thank all … Read More

Guide to Screen Time Rules for Kids

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Screen time rules are meant to help families find a balance between media use and a healthy lifestyle. Screens include computers, cellphones, tablets, game consoles and televisions. Research has shown that too much screen time can lead to obesity and … Read More

Yes! CFUM has a Gnome!

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Yes! CFUM has a Gnome! A gnome can be defined as: one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures. For … Read More

New Executive Director Announced

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I am excited to have been selected by the Board of Directors for the Executive Director position at Children and Family Urban Movement.  The organization has been fortunate to have dedicated staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors that are passionate … Read More

New School Year Brings Renewal and Energy to CFUM

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Back to school

Just a few days into a new school year and we’re already running in top gear. It’s always a welcome return when the building is once again filled with faces, the noise level is elevated and we all find ourselves … Read More

Public Art Installation Offers Lessons to CFUM Youth

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Art Installation

Public Art Installation Offers Lessons to Youth In collaboration with The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation, Group Creatives, Jordan Weber and Lee Heinemann, CFUM’s Whyld Girls and Backyard Boyz had the privilege of being involved in an initiative to … Read More

School’s Out for Summer!

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Success! A Year in Review Even though we say goodbye to another year of school programming, at CFUM we’re forward focused on the planning, preparing and possibilities of the curriculum year ahead. Looking back, we celebrated some amazing achievements during … Read More

Meet The Leaders Signature Event Rewind

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Meet The Leaders Event

Our gender-specific student groups absolutely stunned the 150 attendees of our annual Meet the Leaders night. It’s always an exciting event aimed at showcasing for the friends of CFUM, our staff, parents and community folks all the important projects each … Read More

CFUM’s Expansion Plans

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I’m beyond excited about the new endeavor that Children and Family Urban Movement will embark on this May. Like a new chapter in our history, the ability to expand our programming, spread out in a new permanent space, and deliver … Read More

Volunteers: Frequent and Faithful

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Chuck Howieson Volunteer

At CFUM, we recently celebrated the retirement of a dedicated volunteer after nearly 20 years of service. It’s incalculable how many lives Chuck Howieson touched over his years, cooking meals, helping students with homework, serving breakfast, or spending all day … Read More

The Parent Effect

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CFUM Children Soar

Day to day, our facilities are bustling with busy children, chattering and laughter and above all learning and (for the most part) listening. Often when I hear others describe what we do here at CFUM, the conversation centers around nurturing … Read More

Meet the Leaders of Our Future

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Meet the Leaders Youth

We’re in the planning period of our annual spring Meet the Leaders event, a night that highlights the projects, skills and learning of our gender-specific youth. These are our middle-to high school students and for this one night they take … Read More

Happiness in Optimism

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As I reflect on the past year, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities presented to me. I’ve met new people, continued to learn new things, and have been able to give back to a community that I’m so passionate about. … Read More

A Giving Heart

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When Janis Elliott of Carlisle retired from her junior high school teaching career, she was simply looking for a place to donate her collection of classroom books. By a stroke of luck, she found a willing and welcoming home for … Read More

The Task of Teaching Grit

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How can we affect long-term success at CFUM? Meaning, once our children move beyond our programming and into the world, how can we cultivate resolve, passion and perseverance as they encounter hiccups, bumps and maintain focus on their goals despite … Read More

When We Live It, We Love It!

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Welcome to CFUM’s inaugural blog! Our goal is to deliver for our reader a behind-the-scenes look at the programs, the stories and the people that make the CFUM experience so rich for our kids. But first let me deliver to … Read More