The mission of CFUM is to create a community that supports

the potential of children, youth, and families through

Educational Success, Healthy Living and Community Engagement.

Educational Success involves educating the whole child through the 21st Century Skills Model. This includes Learning Skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication), Literacy Skills (reading, writing, technology, media) and Life Skills (flexibility, leadership, social skills, initiative, productivity). Lesson plans are facilitated, developed and integrated with the 21st Century Skills Model in mind.

CFUM’s vision for Healthy Living incorporates the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. True wellness is much more than nutrition, exercise and weight management. True wellness involves a full integration of physical health, mental health, and spiritual well-being. A multi-dimensional approach to health leads to improved quality of life and it is through this framework, CFUM will provide community-wide healthy living programs, events, and initiatives.

Community Engagement incorporates a vibrant volunteer engagement program and a robust community partnership program. CFUM depends heavily on volunteers and works to make volunteer engagement opportunities as meaningful as possible. CFUM seeks to utilize the expertise of our corporate and individual donors to improve volunteer partnerships that enhance our educational and healthy living programs.

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