New School Year Brings Renewal and Energy to CFUM

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Back to school

Just a few days into a new school year and we’re already running in top gear.

It’s always a welcome return when the building is once again filled with faces, the noise level is elevated and we all find ourselves more energized as we see our mission played with new and returning students. There is an anticipation of the year ahead, in what we need to accomplish with each child and in the lives that we can and will impact.

From our volunteers to our staff, to our college students who are developing this passion for mission alongside us, this is truly our favorite time of the year.

Rewind to Summer Memories

Summer might be winding down but our programming team amped things up over those months keeping our students reading, moving, learning and exploring during Awesome Summer Days (free summer programming offered to 150 children from Kindergarten to high school, to ensure they maintain their reading levels, have healthy and creative meals and movement, learn, grow and enjoy the season of sunshine in new and exciting ways).

It was a huge success as we welcomed a record number of students this year, growing our capacity and expanding programming.

Back to school

Kicking Off Much Earlier

The wake-up alarm rings a little earlier for our students this year as the Des Moines Public Schools made some changes to morning school starts. This year, school schedule runs from 7:30 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. dismissal and offers some challenges with how we layer our programming. Essentially it means our kids are with us for less time before school and longer in the afternoon. But we’re taking full advantage of the long afternoons to incorporate fun and innovative and challenging curriculum for this fall thanks to our amazing programming staff. No doubt CFUM kids of all ages will be challenged!

We discover that when students are exposed to new ideas and skills, something amazing happens. That’s why we’ve dedicated every Wednesday as, “Club Day,” an intentional way to stretch our kids while giving them an opportunity to try something different, discover a hobby or new passion all wrapped in fun and exploration. New to this year’s club line-up:  Bicycle Club, Fit Kids Club, and Graphic Design Club.

As we turn the page soon to a new season, we’re already working on our annual Fall Festival, Community Thanksgiving Meal and the 50th Anniversary celebration of Breakfast Club – where it all began for CFUM.

Growing Waiting List

Waiting lists, again! Students and parents want to be a part of CFUM programming and we have a big need to meet in our neighborhoods. We are already at capacity with 75 students in our Kindergarten through second-grade program, 75 in our third-fifth grade program and 75 in our gender-specific programming for junior high and high school students.

Challenged with how to expand and serve as many children as possible, we know we need your help. There are nearly 15 students on the waiting list and we’re eager to find solutions and funding to be able to serve them all.

If you can lend your time by volunteering we would welcome your friendly, helpful faces in our building. Please reach out to Weslyn Caldwell to get plugged into the great work happening here.

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