Supporting K-5 children and their parents by providing consistent, purposeful, academic-based and experience-focused activities during the summer school break at Moulton Elementary School.

Awesome Days takes place Monday through Friday during the Moulton summer school break. Educational components such as reading, writing, computer skills, and math fill the mornings. A variety of experiences in the afternoon including art, cultural activities, field trips, and recreation time connect learning to life.

It is a law of childhood that one must look forward to school breaks. A change in pace, a change in the structure of the day, a change in mood—kids look forward to all of that and more in breaks from school! As treasured as school breaks are for children, research shows that it is during school breaks that children who live with the stresses of poverty begin to fall behind.

Scroll down to see what kids and parents have to say and click the link below to read what the Iowa Afterschool Alliance has to say about Awesome Days!

Parents Say

Parents say that as a result of Awesome Days their children have learned new skills, made a wide range of friends, increased awareness of health and wellness, continued or increased their reading and writing ability, have helped with community service projects, and have become excited about an activity or idea that was new to them.

Kids Say

Children say they like that each day is different, that they get to do new things, go new places, and learn new skills. When asked, “What would you be doing during school breaks if you weren’t in Awesome Days?” Responses included: nothing, sleeping, playing video games, being stuck at home, going to a relative’s house. One boy said sadly, “I’d be home cleaning house.”

Children say their parents enroll them in Awesome Days because, “They have to work a lot,” “I didn’t have no one (we’re working on that grammar thing…) “To babysit me,” “They want me to learn new things,” “They want me to go to college.”