Backyard Boyz

Encouraging healthy self-development and educational success, life goals, and leadership skills in adolescent boys in grades 6 – 12 that will prepare them for post-secondary education and productive life and career paths.

Backyard Boyz focuses on boys in grades 6 through 8. The Backyard Boyz multi-day after school program is designed to encourage healthy self-development, support choices that result in meeting academic and life goals, and foster an understanding of their place in the larger world. This program includes a high school mentor component – inviting participants who have gone on to high school to return as mentors, and then continuing to work on their self-development and leadership skills.

The goal of the program is to empower the Backyard Boyz to explore the possibilities for growth and change within them, among them, and around them (in their own “backyard”). The approach is to provide them with information and integrative experiences that will encourage them to be successful at school as well as provide them with tools to explore the possibilities of their personal lives and their lives in the community and the larger world.

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