Breakfast Club

Giving children and youth a positive start to the day. The purpose is accomplished by providing a safe and consistent environment, welcoming and nurturing relationships with adults and peers, a nutritious meal, and a variety of purposeful activities.

The Breakfast Club is a year-round breakfast program for children, serving an average of 80 children during the school year, and an average of 60 children during the summer months. Recognizing that a hungry child does not learn, that many working families cannot afford before-school care, and that families need a place to take their children before the school opens, The Breakfast Club was established in 1968. The Breakfast Club creates community and supportive relationships while providing a meal, and a safe environment for children and youth, most of whom attend Moulton Elementary School. Open 6:00 – 8:30 am except for holidays and when the entire Des Moines district dismisses school.

The Breakfast Club has been evolving from primarily a meal program to a program that includes more support for learning inside and outside the classroom. The Power Breakfast on Wednesdays have all youth read over playing games. During the month of February, poetry month, activities focus on reading, writing and memorizing poetry. General activities: jump roping, hula hooping,  computer games, board games, coloring, drawing, self-directed art projects, reading, and homework help (when requested).

Volunteers Say

“CFUM is making such a difference in the lives of the children and families you’re serving.  I think you’re most likely rerouting their direction in life to a more positive and productive one, and perhaps moving them from a more personal ‘vulnerable’ state to one of more empowerment.” – Judy Porter

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