Yes! CFUM has a Gnome!

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Yes! CFUM has a Gnome! A gnome can be defined as: one of a species of diminutive beings, usually described as shriveled little old men that inhabit the interior of the earth and act as guardians of its treasures. For CFUM purposes, we use it as a guardian of our treasurers–our employees! Every staff meeting, someone passes the Gnome onto the next coworker. A coworker that they believe has been extraordinary at their job, went above and beyond and ensures that their efforts fulfill the CFUM mission.

We come to work every day with the intention that our participants and community are able to see the mission of CFUM unfold before their eyes.  Every day there is much effort to eliminate any doubt that may be placed in a child’s mind about what they can dream and ultimately what they can be.  No doubt there have been some challenges, with transitions and changes occurring, but nonetheless the employees at CFUM remain steadfast and mission focused!

Now, in all honesty while the Gnome is an accomplishment, none of us like carrying it around!  It’s been described as creepy….but cute!  We take pride in receiving it and allow it to have its own personal spot in the office.  It takes a field trip every 2 weeks to a staff meeting, where it is then commissioned to be a guardian for another employee.  Check out some quotes below from those that have received the Gnome.

Weslyn (Volunteer & Development Coordinator) “The Gnome signifies that co-workers see your efforts and is appreciative of the work you are doing to support them and the community we serve”

Amara (Director of Development) on why she started the Gnome: “I started the gnome as a way for our peers to recognize each other’s achievements and hard-work. I wanted to build something that lifted the team up while promoting happiness, recognition, communication and fun.”

Kalen Strapp (3rd-5th Grade Program Coordinator): it’s a fun way to encourage and recognize members of the team, especially since there always seems to be a lot of greatness in action at CFUM.

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