Our Mission

The mission of CFUM is to create a community that supports the potential of children, youth, and families through educational success, healthy living, and community engagement. CFUM is a 501-C-3 entity and our Tax ID # is 42-1396833. Children and Family Urban Movement rents space with Trinity United Methodist Church located on the corner of 8th and College directly across the street from Moulton Extended Learning Center.

Physical address – 1548 8th St. Des Moines, IA 50314

Mailing address – PO Box 41125 Des Moines, IA 50311

Our History

Children and Family Urban Ministries was birthed (the legal term is incorporated) in December 1992, but its ministry with neighbors on the near north side of Des Moines began more than twenty years before.

The Breakfast Club was initiated by the congregation of Trinity United Methodist Church in 1968. The Supper Club began while Burns United Methodist Church, Gatchel United Methodist Church and Trinity United Methodist Church were joined in the Inner City Parish.

The first directors of CFUM were Church and Community Workers. Cynthia Carver continued the work she had done as a member of the staff of the Inner City Parish when she became the first director of CFUM as a Church and Community Worker. Donna Kay Campbell followed Cynthia. After Donna Kay’s tenure, the relationship with the Church and Community Worker program ended. Carmen Lampe Zeitler became the third director of CFUM in late 1996.

In 2013 CFUM changed the name to better reflect the vision and hard work, faithfullness and innovation, the people and resources at the heart of CFUM. The work of CFUM is truly a movement for change driven by the ideals of the worth and potential of each and of all, the abundance intended for all, the draw of justice within and beyond us, and the power in community. The name has changed but the mission is still as bold as ever.

Our Neighborhood


From the East: Take 235 W to the 5th Avenue exit. Go straight toward the Holiday Inn to the 6th Avenue intersection and turn right at the light. Drive north on 6th Avenue through three lighted intersections (University, Forest, and College Avenue). At College Avenue, take a left and drive two blocks to the second stop sign. CFUM is located in a large brick building to the left. The most accessible entrance is a single red door at the northeast corner of the building (on 8th Street).

From the West: Take 235 E to the 7th Street exit. Cross the street and turn left onto 6th Avenue. Remain on 6th Avenue through three intersections (University, Forest, and College Avenue). At College Avenue, take a left and drive two blocks to the second stop sign. CFUM is located in a large brick building to the left. The most accessible entrance is a single red door at the northeast corner of the building (on 8th Street).

Our Staff

  • Executive Director: Jim Swanstrom (email)
  • Director of Development: Breanne Barnum (email)
  • Director of Operations: Joan Tiemeyer (email)
  • Program Director: Janelle Mueller (email)
  • Office Administrator: Ericka N. Wiley (email)
  • 3rd-5th Grade Program Coordinator: Contact Janelle, Program Director (email)
  • K-2 Grade Program Coordinator: Amber Stetson (email)
  • Gender Specific Program Coordinator: Dontreale Anderson (email)
  • Gender Specific Program Coordinator: Cynthia Gallardo (email)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Weslyn Caldwell (email)

Our Board

  • Laura Allen, President and Organizational Effectiveness Committee Chair
  • Karen Miller, Vice President and Organizational Effectiveness Committee
  • Jessica Ringena, Treasurer and Development Committee
  • Stacy Lage, Secretary, Development Committee, and Whyld Girls Advisory Committee Board Representative
  • Laura Alexander, Organizational Effectiveness Committee and Whyld Girls Advisory Committee Board Representative
  • Elizabeth Baustian, Organizational Effectiveness Committee
  • Stacy Bagby, Development Committee
  • Duke Burrell, Technology Committee
  • Michele Farrell, Development Committee Chair
  • Carolyn Jenison, Organizational Effectiveness and Development Committee
  • Michael Lee, Organizational Effectiveness Committee
  • Jackie Mueller, Organizational Effectiveness Committee
  • Donna Rusk, Organizational Effectiveness Committee
  • Rob Sand, Development Committee
  • Laine Mendenhall-Buck, Technology Committee
  • Nathan Riggle, Technology  Committee
  • Susan Smith, Technology  Committee
  • Michael Brott, Organizational Effectiveness Committee

 Parents Say

Children and Family Urban Movement is a second home for my kids! They’ve done it all there from breakfast club, the haven, backyard boys, and whyld girls and we so appreciate all the good work they do!Mary Bayles Avila

 Variety – The Children’s Charity Funders Say

Variety – the Children’s Charity has been a proud supporter of CFUM for the past three years. CFUM is making a difference in the lives of children, both educationally and culturally, by providing after school programming, tutoring, meals and fun activities like bike rides to Gray’s Lake. Variety is honored to play a small role in an organization that is not only impacting children and families, but also creating a location that the neighborhood can call “home”.Sheri McMichael

Teachers Say

CFUM makes the extra effort to support the students of Moulton by being the glue between school and home. Many families are not able to be around the school because of their work schedule or feel uncomfortable with their child’s schooling because of their background or their school experiences. I have always felt CFUM is willing to tell the parents about the schooling for their student with honesty and compassion for the family structure and the educational needs of the student.Michelle Pohlmeyer, Classroom Teacher, Moulton Extended Learning Center
I have been at Moulton for over twenty-three years. Many people have come and gone, structures have changed, but one thing has remained constant: the place with the red door! CFUM! CFUM is such a wonderful place for our families, students and staff to find comfort and support! As I think back to the many events, both happy and sad, CFUM has held, they were all to support the Moulton Community. The loving staff is caring and wants all the families and students to succeed in lifeTheresa Mehrl, Reading and Math Title Teacher, Moulton Extended Learning Center