By providing a safe and consistent environment, welcoming and nurturing relationships with adults and peers, a nutritious meal, and a variety of purposeful activities, CFUM is able to meet the needs of our community while also setting children up for success.

A year-round program, the purpose of the Breakfast Club is two-fold: 1) it gives children a positive start to the learning day, and 2) it provides early-morning childcare for working families whose day begins before the start of school or summer programming.

Program Highlights
  • Established in 1968 to serve the families in our community.
  • Year-round breakfast program for children, serving children during the school year, as well as during the summer months.
  • Creates community and supportive relationships while providing a meal.
  • Creates a safe environment for children and youth who attend Moulton Elementary School.
  • Open 6:30 – 7:40 am except for holidays and when the Des Moines Public School District is out of school.
Volunteers Say

“CFUM is making such a difference in the lives of the children and families you’re serving. I think you’re most likely rerouting their direction in life to a more positive and productive one, and perhaps moving them from a more personal ‘vulnerable’ state to one of more empowerment.” – Judy Porter