Children and Family Urban Ministries was incorporated in December 1992, but its work caring for the neighbors on the in the Riverbend Community of Des Moines began more than twenty years before. CFUM’s original program, The Breakfast Club, was initiated by the Black Panther Party in the fall of 1967, and operated inside of Trinity United Methodist Church. A sister program, The Supper Club, was initiated a few years later by other congregations in the area hoping to make a difference in this part of Des Moines. These programs continue serving the community today.

After identifying a need for childcare and educational enrichment during early dismissal days, school breaks and summer vacation, CFUM expanded programming by adding an after-school program (Haven) and a summer program (Awesome Summer Days) to supplement the good works at Moulton Elementary School.

In 1993 the name was changed to Children and Family Urban Movement to better reflect the vision, hard work, faithfulness and innovation of the people and resources at the heart of CFUM. The work of CFUM is a movement for change driven by the ideals that every person has worth and potential, abundance is meant for all, justice is both within and beyond us, and the power in community. The name has changed but the mission is still as bold as ever.