Whyld Girls

Encouraging healthy self-development, and, educational success, life goals, and leadership skills in adolescent girls in grades 6 – 12 that will prepare them for post-secondary education and productive life and career paths.

Whyld Girls

The Whyld Girls is a gender specific program of Children and Family Urban Movement in Des Moines, IA. The program focuses on the potential that teenage girls offer their community and larger world. The Whyld Girls program inspires and enables girls to think and speak for themselves. The girls play an active role in community leadership, and in planning events and projects. They learn to practice and connect their gifts to the development of their future, as well as their roles in the surrounding community.

There are many components to the Whyld Girls program, including:

Programming for 6th – 8th Grades

Whyld Girls meet weekly after school as well as during school breaks. Summer provides a three week, full day, intensive literacy experience that integrates reading a novel and interfacing its themes with poetry, personal reflection, contemporary articles, music and cultural experiences. Participants in the Whyld Girls understand that working hard and thinking together as girls give them strength and courage to make decisions that open doors for their future. The reward of self-confidence and finding a place of self discovery has proven to be an effective incentive for girls to remain in the program.

 Programming for High School Girls

The High School Mentor program is for girls who have been part of the middle school program for at least 2 years. The mentors negotiate contracts with one another and the coordinator that includes maintaining attendance and grades at school. The mentors assist and lead in after school programming, attend two leadership workshops, and work to maintain their business, Product with Purpose. When their annual contract is fulfilled the girls receive incentives to provide them with educational opportunities.

 Product with Purpose

The High School Mentors developed their own business, a jewelry business called Product with Purpose. The girls create jewelry pieces and sets from Swarovski crystals, and sell them at various events. Proceeds from these sales are directed towards the Whyld Girls Scholarship Fund, a fund that Whyld Girls can access for their secondary and post-secondary academic needs.

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Volunteers Say

Love being a part of this organization, great (and emotional!!) night at Meet the Leaders event.
Looking forward to Catwalk this year!!!Stacie Mosley

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